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Social Demand Generation

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We provide hyper-targeted, personalized and automated social engagement for your marketing campaigns.

The average social media or social advertising
campaign sees a click-through rate of 0.03% to 1.45%.

Sumazi’s customers are seeing double-digit CTRs — without lifting a finger.

How does Sumazi work?

  • Strategy

    We recommend the
    best implementation strategy, which we execute for you.
  • Grow

    We identify and follow the right types of people for your business.
  • Engage

    We help get the conversation started with the people who matter the most to you.
  • Activate

    We send personalized, actionable messages to the right people in order to drive high click-thrus.
  • Measure

    We analyze your campaign success
    and optimize future campaigns based on our data intelligence.

Customers are using Sumazi to drive:

  • Content Execution
  • Strategic Growth
  • Event Registration
  • Product Launches
  • Book Tours
  • Social Endorsements

… and many more ways!

The Team

Our mission is to connect you to the people you don’t know, but should.

Sumazi is comprised of former employees from Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, IBM, Silicon Graphics, DDB Worldwide and the Disney Corporation.

It was founded by Sumaya Kazi, a UC Berkeley alumna who led Global Social Media at Sun Microsystems as one of the first social media strategists at a Fortune 500 company. She is a recognized thought leader in the Enterprise Social space. Sumaya has been featured by BusinessWeek Magazine as one of “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” and most recently by Reuters as one of the top 50 “Most Influential Executives on the Web.”

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